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Animal House: Battling Canine Flu

Oct 25, 2016

Fever, cough, lethargy -- these symptoms could mean your dog has H3N2.
Credit MillsBaker / Flickr via Creative Commons

While you're lining up flu vaccinations for yourself and your family, don't forget about the furry members of your family.  The highly contagious canine flu that's infected thousands of dogs, leading to some deaths, is expected to return this season.  This time, forewarned is forearmed, said Dr. Matt Fraker from the Prairie Oak Veterinary Center in Normal.  You can take steps to protect your pet from H3N2.

  • The H3N2 flu strain originally came from Asia and cropped up in Chicago more than a year ago.
  • The novel strain quickly spread throughout the Midwest, easily infecting dogs.
  • Canines who are regularly boarded, visit dog parks or groomers are most at risk.  A dog can have the virus for a few days without showing symptoms, potentially infecting all the dogs he comes in contact with.
  • A new vaccine is on the market and works well to protect your dog. You can also get your pet protection from H3N8 canine flu at the same time.
    Molly and Dani are up for adoption at Wish Bone Canine Rescue.
    Credit Valerie Wellin