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Animal House: Enrichment Battles Boredom

Jan 17, 2017

I. am. so. bored. Gimme some enrichment before I chew the sofa down to a nub!
Credit Mike McCune / Flickr via Creative Commons

Before you head out to work each morning, spare a thought for your pet, spending hours and hours home alone, lonely and bored.

  • Just like people, animals need mental stimulation to avoid boredom.  And you definitely don't want a bored pet at home!
  • Bored animals can get into lots of mischief and get destructive.
  • So unless you like coming home to chewed loafers, shredded toilet paper and upended potted plants, spend some time selecting enrichment for your pets to while away the hours while you're away.
  • Put kibble inside a toy for your pet to try and release.  You favorite pet retailer will have a variety to choose from, or you could just freeze some food in cubes for your pet.  Just keep the ice in a place where you don't mind a bit of mess.
  • Trying to free the food will provide ample mental stimulation for dogs and cats.  Just don't make it too complicated for your pet to figure out.
  • Try specially produced videos or streaming services with films of birds or other distractions for your pets.
  • Chew toys that don't splinter and allow your dog to happily distract himself can help.
  • A tired pet is a happy pet.  While you're at home, indulge in lots of spirited play with your pet so they get plenty of pet parent time when you are home.