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Animal House: Guinea Pigs -- The Sociable Furball

Aug 16, 2016

PetCo's Casey Barretts is a huge guinea pig fan and is happy to help folks find furry friends of their own.
Credit Laura Kennedy / WGLT

Committing to a pet is a major thing, so sometimes it's best to ramp it up with a furry friend that's personable without being too demanding.  A great starter pet is the fun, furry guinea pig.

  • Casey Barretts, the guinea pig expert at PetCo in Normal said guinea pigs are less skittish than other small animals and can be very good with children.
  • They're less active as adults and are often couch potatoes. 
    Not only are they cute, but guinea pigs make the most adorable noises. Listen to Animal House to hear the adorableness.
    Credit Laura Kennedy / WGLT
  • There's a variety of guinea pigs, from short haired to super long haired.  Keep in mind that they need to be brushed, so select the type that you feel you can best keep well groomed.  You'll also need to trim their nails.
  • Prepared food from the pet store is fine for the furry guy's diet, but you'll need to supplement with fresh veggies and fruits that contain vitamin C.  Otherwise, your pet could develop scurvy.  You'll also need to offer hay, to help with your pet's digestion.
  • Keep fresh bedding in their cage and give them a little barn or enclosure so they can have a little privacy.  Make sure the cage is big enough as the critter grows.