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Animal House: A Parrot Is The Commitment Of A Lifetime

May 17, 2016

Exotic birds make fascinating pets, but they also can be a huge responsibility.
Credit William Warby / Flickr via Creative Commons

Adopting an exotic bird can be an adventure that's not for everyone.

Parrots are very much in demand as pets, which in part is leading to their numbers dwindling in the wild. But in the home, just one parrot can be too much for some owners.

  • Veterinarian Matt Fraker from the Prairie Oak Veterinary Center in Normal noted that exotic birds, like parrots, are very demanding and a major commitment.
  • Parrots bond strongly with owners, which can cause behavioral issues.
  • Parrots who are stressed will pluck their own feathers.  Many things can freak out a parrot, like a bird seeing a critter outside or just visitors to the home can upset and stress a bird.
  • Exotic birds will hide any illness from you, so by the time you detect a problem, the illness can be very advance.
  • A healthy diet is a must for birds, and seeds won't cut it.  Quality pellets, plus small amounts of vegetables and fruits are best.
  • Male parrots are more talkative than females.  Careful what you teach them!  They'll pick up anything, from swearing to coughing to telephone rings to whatever you're watching on TV.