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Democrat Pritzer Chooses Running Mate In Governor's Race

Aug 10, 2017

JB Pritzker announced his running mate Thursday as he pursues the Democratic nomination for Illinois governor.

Pritzker’s pick for lieutenant governor is state Rep. Juliana Stratton of Chicago.

Pritzker and other Democrats have been focusing a lot on issues affecting African-American voters. At a rally in Chicago, Stratton, who’s black, said her community has been on the wrong side of the criminal justice system for too long.

"We have been ignored and suffered decades of disinvestment," she said.

Stratton says she wants to ban pre-schools from expelling children and ban police booking stations in schools.

Some other Democrats running for governor have not yet announced their running mates. They include Daniel Biss, Bob Daiber, Scott Drury, Chris Kennedy, and Ameya Pawar.

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