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Gillespie Promises Success For ISU Women's Hoops

Apr 4, 2017

ISU Basketball Coach Kristen Gillespie comes from Division II Lewis University after a relatively quick ascent through the coaching ranks.
Credit Illinois State University

Illinois State University has introduced its new women's basketball coach, Kristen Gillespie.

She comes from a family of coaches. Gillespie said during her opening news conference that seeing her father stand up at player weddings made her notice how he influenced lives and why he coached.

"I know my why. My why is to try to impact these twelve young ladies and help them along and try to prepare them for life after college," said Gillespie.

Gillespie also mentioned the humorous reason why she had seen the men's locker room before her official tour during the interview process. Gillespie said her father might have become crossways with referees and been kicked out of a game once at Redbird Arena. She spent some time with him while others were playing.

Gillespie promised to return the basketball team to competing at the higher levels of the conference and the post season. ISU has had several sub-par seasons in recent years.
 Gillespie said she has always used doubters as motivation and to instill belief.

"You know when we're told by the naysayers hey it can't be done or it is going to take years to do what you want. We're going find a way to get it done. and it'll be done sooner. It'll be done the right way. But, we will do it with that over-belief in one another," said Gillespie.

Gillespie comes to ISU from the coaching job at Division 2 Lewis University.

She also played for legendary basketball coach Kay Yow, whom she cited as a huge influence on her personality as a coach and person.

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