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GLT Datebook: Childhood Inspiration Still Informs Artist

Nov 4, 2017

Artist Gary Justis is showing a new collection of his work at the Ramp Arts Gallery in Bloomington.

  • The exhibition includes kinetic sculptures, photographs and video.
  • Entitled "Head On Horizon," the works draw on inspiration from his childhood, when he was fascinated by reflections and shadows along a wall caused by cars moving past his window.
  • Justus' kinetic sculptures involve movement, light, reflections ... and inspiration.
  • Colored vessels are a part of the sculpture and with an arc of light are reflected on the wall next to the piece. Justus sees this as an homage to a traditional still life. 
  • A video installation features morphing abstract mages coupled with atmospheric music. Justus feels this is the type of art would be very exciting and accessible to collectors, as we are so attuned to video images in our daily lives.

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