GLT's Top Stories: Week Of Dec. 4-Dec. 8, 2017 | WGLT

GLT's Top Stories: Week Of Dec. 4-Dec. 8, 2017

Here are the top stories we covered this week (Dec. 4 to Dec. 8, 2017) on WGLT and

Election Season Begins

Democratic women and a surge of Libertarians will run for office in McLean County. In McLean County, 11 of 13 races are contested, including at least three head-to-head primary matchups for County Board and several three-way races next November.

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Barickman Breaks With Rauner

State Sen. Jason Barickman, R-Bloomington, is open-minded about legalizing recreational marijuana. Barickman said he wants to meet with Democratic lawmakers in Springfield next year to push the measure forward.

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Rallying Around Renner

Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner held his first of three town hall meetings this month at the YWCA McLean County. More than 30 community members asked questions and shared their stories, showing that residents have different priorities for the city.

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Paying For Pensions

Homeowners in Normal will see a nearly 6 percent increase on their property tax bill. The Town of Normal has an obligation to fund the police and fire pensions, and council members say property taxes are the most reliable source of revenue. 

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