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GOP Lawmaker Mounts Primary Challenge Against Rauner

Oct 30, 2017

State Rep. Jeanne Ives.

A state representative from the Chicago suburbs says she’ll challenge Gov. Bruce Rauner in next year’s Republican primary.

State Rep. Jeanne Ives is in some ways aligned with Rauner. They both say the economy is the top issue facing state government, and the Democratic-run General Assembly is bad for businesses.

So why is she running?

“Look, people were willing to go along with him until he absolutely violated every principle that is core to the Republican Party. So he’s done this to himself," she said.

Ives points to several of Rauner’s decisions, including his signing legislation that allows public funds to be used for abortions for people on state employee insurance plans or in the Medicaid program. She said Rauner lied, telling opponents of the measure he would veto the bill.

A spokesman for the Rauner campaign did not respond to that charge, instead saying the governor is "focused on fighting for Illinois’ future."

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