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ISU Enrollment, Minority Enrollment Rises

Sep 6, 2016

Freshman ISU student Kharisma Thomas
Credit Charlie Schlenker / WGLT

Illinois State University says not only did overall enrollment and freshmen enrollment rise this fall, so did minority student enrollment. African American enrollment and Latino student attendance increased ten and nine percent respectively.

Freshman Kharisma Thomas of Chicago talked about staff efforts to accommodate students.

"People here really just help you out, like the Financial Aid office and the Admissions office. I talk to them a lot. A lot! They really care about you here," said Thomas.
Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management Troy Johnson said during a news conference that ISU is able to counter nationwide trends of falling enrollment because of particular strengths.

"The graduation rate is among the highest in the country, among all universities, public and private. We also have a very low student default rate. 2.8 percent is extremely low in the nation, probably along the lines of the top five percent in the country," said Johnson.

GLT Reported last week enrollment on campus in Normal rose by more than a percent with a 27 year record for freshmen showing up on campus.

The average ACT score at ISU was unchanged at nearly 24. And the number of students with an ACT above 30 rose slightly.

Transfer students, out of state students, and graduate student enrollment categories all rose as well.