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Mahrt Joins Bloomington As Interim Community Development Director

Dec 20, 2017

Bloomington has hired an interim community development director to help out during a time of transition in city leadership.

The city announced Wednesday that Robert Mahrt was hired to succeed Tom Dabareiner, who left the city in October for a job in Chicago's western suburbs.

Mahrt most recently served as interim city administrator in Lincoln. Previous to that, he was city administrator of Monticello and Aledo and community development director of Mahomet and Macomb. In Bloomington he'll oversee building safety, planning and zoning, economic development, code enforcement and rental inspections, fire inspections, and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) work.

The city itself is led by an interim city manager, Steve Rasmussen, who took over when David Hales left for a new job in Joliet. Rasmussen isn't using an assistant city manager—his old job—during the interim period.

Mahrt “brings with him experience and passion that I believe will help the department greatly during this time of transition,” Rasmussen said in a statement.

Mahrt's first day will be Thursday. His annual salary will $101,874.

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