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Photos: Normal Council Tours New Fire Department HQ

The Normal Town Council toured the new fire department headquarters Monday prior to its regular meeting at City Hall.

The inside has yet to be completed, but council members seemed to appreciate the $7.5 million facility's interior and exterior design. Council member Chemberly Cummings said the building, on Main Street just off the Illinois State University campus, is beautiful but not over the top.

"It has modern things any fire station can use ... and have for a long time because they put things in there that will hopefully last, like some of the amenities in the kitchen," Cummings said.

Cummings said her favorite part of the station is the classic fire pole and horizontal garage doors.

"I'm hoping they enjoy it and I know it will be used well because it's right in the heart of ISU. It's in a good location, and I know it's part of the plan to bring modernization to most of our facilities."

The station's new rooftop garden area is part of its qualification for LEED-2 "green" building certification, said town spokesperson Dan Irvin.

The fire station is slated to open sometime this month.

Additionally, the Normal Town Council allocated an additional $35,000 toward pavement patching on Towanda and Vernon avenues. Both Normal and Bloomington are working to widen turn lanes at the intersection.

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