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GLT's Sound Ideas is newsmakers. It's gardening, science, the arts, and a central Illinois music calendar. It's pet care, blues, poetry, and jazz. It's the sounds of your life and your places. And there's room for your opinion when the phone lines are open. This hour-long radio news magazine is produced Monday through Friday.

Moon in concert

The Chicago-based progressive, atmospheric prog-rock band Moon has reference points that include Superchunk, Radiohead, Rush, and even the now Bloomington-based punkers Poster Children.

Jason Barickman watches
Carleigh Gray / WGLT

The sticking points for how to legalize recreational marijuana in Illinois are getting a lot less sticky.

"How To Get Rid of a President"
Eric Stock / WGLT

A Normal native who worked in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations says while there have been many attempts to remove presidents from office, few have succeeded.

Combine with corn
Seth Perlman / AP

Nearly 1,000 acres of high-quality farmland are expected to turn into millions of dollars in donations to Illinois Wesleyan University and two other nonprofits during a highly anticipated auction Tuesday.

Eric Stock / WGLT

After every election, the focus is on the winners, their thoughts about the campaign and goals for the office. But every election also has candidates who lose, despite fighting just as hard as those who won.

John McIntyre
Jeff Smudde / WGLT

The chair of the McLean County Board said he hopes to turn down the heated political rhetoric after a contentious election.

Lee Ann Womack
Ebru Yildiz / Shore Fire Media

Lee Ann Womack’s 2017 album “The Lonely, The Lonesome, And Gone” turns to darker themes than her critically acclaimed 2014 release “The Way I’m Livin’.”  And those darker lyrics are often accompanied by a swampy blues not heard on a lot of country music today.

Intrail, left to right, Micheal Hill, Trefan Owen, Tommy O'Donnell, John Ganser.
Scott Harrison

Two instrumental, improvisational bands have become two of the bigger musical draws in the Twin Cities over the past couple years.

Drone delivery in field
Mel Evans / AP

Drones are no longer a new or emerging technology. They’re a part of everyday life for insurance companies, photographers, law enforcement, and the military.

McLean County Democratic Watch Party
Jeff Smudde / WGLT

Even though Democrats have taken back control of the U.S. House, a political scientist at Illinois State University says there were several key storylines that didn't pan out on Election Day.

Erik speaks
Jeff Smudde / WGLT

McLean County didn’t see a blue wave or a red wave on Election Day.

Miles Nielsen performing  in "The Hallowed Hall" October 11, 2018
Karen Bridges

Bloomington-Normal musicians continue to create new ways to promote their events and are even creating new venues for performances.

Julia swings
Willis Kern / WGLT

Suan Guess-Hanson has never used a wheelchair, but the retired Metcalf School teacher worked with many children who did, so she naturally wants to see people with disabilities succeed in all facets of life, including sports.

Theresa Payton sits in a chair
Ryan Denham / WGLT

Calling the 2016 election a “wake-up call,” a national leader in cybersecurity says that the federal government is working closely with states like Illinois to protect voting systems from digital interference.

John Stark
Laura Kennedy / WGLT

A fresh look at classic stories will drive the 2019 Illinois Shakespeare Festival season.

Adong Judith smiles
Mary Cullen / WGLT

Adong Judith was just a girl during the 1986 Northern Uganda War that divided her home country. This year, Judith was a keynote speaker at Illinois State University's Culturally Responsive Campus Community Conference, telling the story of realizing her blackness.

Illinois State University social media expert Nate Carpenter joins GLT's Sound Ideas to talk about what people are saying on Twitter about the 13th Congressional District race.

Jay and Jenae Thomason
Taylor Christian Brooks

“Then just weeks later, boom.”

Jenae Thomason was flashing back to June 30, the Saturday night she and husband Jay simultaneously were rear-ended at a stoplight en route to a private event and sidelined from their full-time foray into music they initiated just weeks prior.

John Koch conducts
Laura Kennedy / WGLT

A venerable Bloomington-Normal choral group has spent 50 years in a town and gown endeavor that unites singers across the generations.

Candidates for Congress in the 13th district tangle over healthcare during a debate at the Normal Theater. Incumbent Republican Rodney Davis and challenger Betsy Dirksen Londrigan also questioned each other's statements about the tax bill, the deficit, bipartisanship, and education funding.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/29/18

Oct 29, 2018

Kevin Crouse from Illinois State University's Information Security Office says it's dangerous to have just one key for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Facebook, and all the other on line accounts you have. Ryan Denham reports on Cybersecurity. Plus, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Laura Kennedy reports on Community Players take on the ever fresh farce. The ISU Civic Chorale performs and director John Koch talks about the bane of his existence, the letter S. Mary Cullen reports on war in Uganda with Adong Judith. And Ryan Denham has found a bat boy; not altogether a Halloween story, but a boy trying to help preserve these valuable insect eaters.

Ryan with his bat house
Facebook / Ryan Cavinder

This week when all the little ghouls and goblins roam the street looking for fun size Snickers bars, they’ll trick-or-treat past the usual mix of spooky Halloween decorations—cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns, fake tombstones, and bats.

Nick Benson and Cristen Monson
Laura Kennedy / WGLT

A Roman slave hatches a complicated plot to help his young master win the girl-next-door, as well as win freedom for himself. The plan quickly spirals into farce in the classic musical “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Forum.”

Facebook on an iPhone
Jeff Chiu / AP

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and it began with a sobering reminder of what’s stake—another big breach affecting our personal data.

Debra Joy Hart
Debra Joy Hart

There's a saying that tragedy plus time equals comedy. It's a formula, suggesting that even your worst moments may grow a little bit funny if you wait long enough.

Chuck Erickson and Kevin Woodard
Campaigns / WGLT

Voters in McLean County Board District 10 do not have an easy task telling the candidates apart.

McLean County Board District 1 is one of the bigger districts geographically, home to around 16,000 people in towns such as Lexington, Hudson, Colfax, and Gridley.

Ryan Denham / WGLT

The question of what office should oversee local elections divided candidates Tuesday at GLT’s McLean County Board forum for Districts 2, 8, and 9.

Combine with corn
ABBY WENDLE / Harvest Public media

The impact of climate change on Illinois is a lot more than switching from hot days to cold days.

The Smokers Blues Band at Buddy Guy's Legends
The Smokers Blues Band

Peoria's The Smokers Blues Band hopes its blues-rock music can be part of a broader scene helping unite deep political divisions among Central Illinois music fans.