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David Gray, Developing New Textures of Pop

David Gray's new album, Life In Slow Motion, is the product of two years of work to evolve as a songwriter. The new release has been described by Gray himself as "the tip of an iceberg" of musical stores built up over time.

Representing Gray's most extensive studio work -- as opposed to his personal, more idiosyncratic style of recording his earlier songs -- Slow Motion comes on the heels of 2002's A New Day at Midnight, the platinum-selling album that gave many listeners a new favorite singer.

The new album is also the result of many collaborations -- as many as 50 musicians can be heard in different roles. And that process of playing with others, expanding songs with a group of friends, is what Gray says made his recent experiment all the better.

This interview first aired on Sept. 9, 2005.

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