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'Three Stooges' To Get Hollywood Treatment


Today, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that an unlikely film remake has been cast.

(Soundbite of show, "The Three Stooges")

SIEGEL: That's right. An updated version of "The Three Stooges" is finally coming to the big screen.

(Sound bite of movie)

Mr. LARRY FINE (Actor): (as Larry) Who threw that pie?

Mr. MOE HOWARD (Actor): (as Moe) Shut up you, or I'll...

(Sound bite of a slap)

SIEGEL: The production will be the work of the Farrelly brothers of "Dumb and Dumber," that's appropriate given the material. What is surprising is who's being considered to play the three knuckleheads. The Hollywood Reporter also says that chubby crewcut Curly, recipient of most of the slapstick, will be none other than comic actor Jim Carrey. Carrey's known for broad comedy but the Stooge he may play is, well, a man of broader girth than he.

(Soundbite of show, "The Three Stooges")

Mr. CURLY HOWARD (Actor): (as Curly): Ooh, you and that cutey-pie, I'll...

Mr. M. HOWARD: (as Moe) Why, you...

SIEGEL: Then there's the role of subordinate Stooge, Larry. In a career move that defies understanding, Sean Penn, fresh off his Oscar-winning role as Harvey Milk, a champion of equal rights for gays, will portray the frizzy haired coward.

(Soundbite of show, "The Three Stooges")

Mr. FINE: (as Larry) Ow. Ow. Ow.

SIEGEL: Now, here's the kicker: Benicio Del Toro is being considered to play elfish Stooge, Moe. His most recent role was as Che Guevara, leader of a Latin American revolutionary movement. Now he'd get to play the reactionary bully leader of a trio of morons.

Anyway, whether America is ready for the Stooge film or not, Hollywood is buzzing about it, and Academy Award potential is obvious.

(Soundbite of show, "The Three Stooges")

Mr. C. HOWARD: (as Curly): Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ooh. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.