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Restaurant Insists Customers Eat Alone


And today's last word in business is table for one, please. Some people feel awkward about eating out alone, but a new restaurant in Amsterdam insists upon it. The stylish eatery has only small tables with single chairs and requires that customers come solo.


The restaurant is part-culinary endeavor, part-social experiment, as its creator says, she wanted to give people food for thought.

GREENE: Renee, I'd ask you to join me there for dinner, but, sadly, we'd have to sit at separate tables.

MONTAGNE: Well, I guess we can wave at each other. In fact, I'm waving to you right now.

GREENE: Yeah. We'd be closer than usual. With you in California, me here in Washington, I'm used to waving to you over this video feed here. I like your red, white and blue today. It looks very nice, very patriotic.

MONTAGNE: Independence Day. Sorry I can't offer you a slice of my red, white and blue strawberry shortcake cake, which is very nice.

GREENE: Free some for me.

MONTAGNE: A (unintelligible) for our NPR West group. That is the business news on this Independence Day from MORNING EDITION. I'm Renee Montagne.

GREENE: And I'm David Greene. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.