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Secretary Of State John Kerry Expresses 'Outrage' Over Paris Attacks


A hostage siege at a concert hall in Paris appears to be over. It's just one deadly scene in the city. Dozens of people are dead. There have been shootings and explosions in multiple locations in and around Paris. Secretary of State John Kerry has just recently spoke about this in Vienna. He's there for a round of diplomacy on Syria, and NPR's Michele Kelemen is travelling with him. And, Michele, what has Kerry said?

MICHELE KELEMEN, BYLINE: Well, a statement went out in his name late this evening expressing outrage and sadness over what he calls these heinous, evil and vile acts. Kerry says that countries have to do everything to fight back against what he said can only be considered an assault on our common humanity. The secretary also says that the U.S. embassy in Paris is making every effort now to account for U.S. citizens, and the U.S. is offering any support the French authorities might need. He says French and Americans have always stood together in their darkest hours, and these attacks only strengthen that resolve.

MCEVERS: Kerry is in Vienna for a meeting with nearly 20 countries supposed to be peace talks about Syria. Will this attack change those plans at all?

KELEMEN: Well, we're not sure yet. So far, I'm told there's no change in his plans, but, you know, he was actually scheduled to meet first thing in the morning with the French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius. And we're really not sure yet if those talks are going to go ahead. The meeting, as you say, is - are meant to bring a large group of countries, all with different interests in Syria around the table to agree on a formula for a diplomatic solution. Kerry was then due to fly on to Turkey for the G-20. And so far we're told that his plans are going to stay as is.

MCEVERS: That's NPR's Michele Kelemen in Vienna with Secretary of State John Kerry. Thanks so much, Michele.

KELEMEN: Thank you, Kelly. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Michele Kelemen has been with NPR for two decades, starting as NPR's Moscow bureau chief and now covering the State Department and Washington's diplomatic corps. Her reports can be heard on all NPR News programs, including Morning Edition and All Things Considered.