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It's A Beautiful Day For Some Sunny #NPRpoetry From Listeners


Let's take a poetry break now with a few more of your Twitter poems. It's a beautiful day here in Washington, D.C., so a good time to hear a few reflections on springtime and nature, like this one from Mark Holoweiko in Michigan.

MARK HOLOWEIKO: Pointing to the sun, sandhill cranes and weathervanes, winter on the run.

MARTIN: Thanks, Mark. We hope you get to enjoy some sunshine this weekend. Winter on the run is something our next Twitter poet doesn't have to deal with. This is from Zach Street in Hilo, Hawaii.

ZACH STREET: Bead me, waters of the sky. Like a tender leaf, my skin is thirsty for rain.

MARTIN: Thank you, Zach. Let's do one more today. This one is by Anna King in Richland, Washington state. It's titled "Walla Walla Road." (Reading) Onion peel butterflies unfurl their wings, flit past my panes as blacktop slips west.

Anna tweeted that poem with a beautiful watercolor painting of a country road.


MARTIN: You can check out our hashtag #nprpoetry on Twitter to see all of the submissions we've gotten so far. And remember, you can submit your poems to us all month long. You might just hear your work on the air. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.