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Texas Principal Donates A Kidney To Father Of 3 Of Her Students


Sarah Schecter is the principal at The Oakridge School in Texas. She has a big heart and now only one kidney. After learning that the father of three of her students needed a new kidney, Schecter decided to donate one of hers to the dad, Nate Jones.

NATE JONES: Before the surgery, I was kind of questioning, why would you risk your life to make sure that I had a normal life again?

GREENE: Well, Schecter says she was motivated by her faith.

SARAH SCHECTER: God expects you to share what you have, and this is just one way you can share good health, and I'm thankful that I was able to share it with him.


Nate Jones learned in 2018 that his kidneys were failing. And he expected to spend years hooked up to a machine waiting for a transplant. Now he calls Schecter his angel.

JONES: It's one of the greatest gifts that somebody could give you. I still don't know how to thank her. I'm still in shock.

GREENE: When Schecter got back to school, she was welcomed warmly by the staff and by Jones' youngest child, a third-grader at The Oakridge School.


SCHECTER: He just comes up beside me and gives me a hug like he's mine. And so that's sweet.

GREENE: And here's really good news. Both Jones and Schecter are recovering well after last month's surgery.

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