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A Chicago legend, whose Italian beef sandwich helped inspire 'The Bear,' has died

Joseph Zucchero, pictured in 2008, left his mark on Chicago.
Scott J. Ferrell
CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Imag
Joseph Zucchero, pictured in 2008, left his mark on Chicago.

Who is he? Joseph Zucchero was the co-founder of Mr. Beef, a staple in Chicago's River North neighborhood that had gained a following for dishing out beloved Italian beef sandwiches. He died unexpectedly on March 1, according to his obituary. He was 69 years old.

  • Zucchero and his brother, Dominic, started the business in the late 1970s, building a reputation as a classic spot for the Italian-American speciality.
  • Their staple beef sandwich came from Italian immigrants in the early 20th century who could only buy less-tender cuts of the cow due to the price. They discovered that cooking those less-sought-after pieces for a lot longer would render a super tender final product.
  • Zucchero's son, Christopher, had previously old WBEZ there are some crucial components to an Italian beef sandwich: slow-cooked slivers of beef, an Italian relish called giardiniera, good bread, and all sorts of customizable textures.

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    What's the big deal? Zucchero's beloved sandwich joint got attention and inspired many far and wide.

  • The 2022 hit FX show The Bear, starring Jeremy Allen White as a young chef trying to sustain his family's failing Chicago sandwich shop, took direct inspiration from Mr. Beef. That included the show creating the set based on the restaurant.
  • The popularity of the critically acclaimed series also led to a surge in business for Mr. Beef, Joseph Zucchero told NPR last year.
  • Mr. Beef also has other ties to showbiz: Jay Leno has shared that as a struggling stand-up comedian, he would sleep in his car in the restaurant's parking lot. The shop now has photos of Leno on its walls, who has praised the food over the years.
  • What are people saying?

    Christopher Zucchero, to WBEZ, on the identity of the Italian beef sandwich:

    It's strictly our root food. It really is our food here in Chicago, as opposed to the Philly cheesesteak or a New York — I don't even know if they have a meat type of sandwich in New York.

    Joseph Zucchero on Chris Storer, the creator of The Bear, recreating his restaurant for the show:

    My son and a young man that he grew up with, Chris Storer, would come down here when they were kids. You know, they were kids, and I let them hang around the restaurant.

    They built this [set] inside a building. And they took me to it. They wanted me to see it. And my mouth dropped. I was like, 'Oh, my God' — I mean, from the floor to the ceiling to the countertops to the equipment.

    So, what now?

  • According to Eater, Mr. Beef will continue under the leadership of Zucchero's daughter, Lauren, and friends.
  • Production for season 2 of The Bear is underway in Chicago.
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