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'Vogue' is looking for new models and the finalists will be chosen in June


Vogue is looking for new models.


MARTIN: It's one way for the fashion book to try to keep itself fresh and on the front lines of what's happening in the culture.


In its latest call for talent, Vogue says it wants to broaden the, quote, "ideal of beauty." Mark Guiducci is Vogue's creative editorial director.

MARK GUIDUCCI: It means people coming from all over the world who are of different backgrounds, look different, are differently abled.

INSKEEP: Vogue has been inviting photos and videos from, quote, "femme-identifying individuals 18 and older from all over the world," who can include people of different sizes and body types.

MARTIN: It still makes a splash, at least in some quarters, when the big fashion books announced they are embracing different types of beauty - thinking Beverly Johnson becoming the first Black model on the cover of American Vogue in 1974, Kim and Kanye - still no last names needed - the first interracial couple on the cover in 2014, plus-sized Lizzo in 2020. Guiducci says it's time to keep heading where the culture is going.

GUIDUCCI: There was a step backwards in size inclusivity - and a couple of the star models that had emerged when they decided to take a season off or decided to not attend one city of a fashion month - that all of a sudden there wasn't a slew of women behind them to take their place and step up and that the doors seemed to close right after them.

MARTIN: So there's been progress, but to a point. In the most recent fall and winter season, nearly all the models were smaller than a size 6. We need to note here that the average American woman is a size 16.

GUIDUCCI: Vogue open casting is not specifically about combating eating disorders, but it is about promoting healthy lifestyles among the entire Vogue community.

INSKEEP: And as of late last week, Vogue says it has received more than 28,000 submissions.

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