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Melinda White addresses the Unit 5 school board
Mary Cullen / WGLT

Public Asks For Transparency Amid Unit 5 Harassment Allegations

Members of the Bloomington-Normal community spoke out at the Unit 5 school board meeting Wednesday night, calling for the district to clear the air on the recent resignation of James Harden.

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Spring Fund Drive

You want to do it. You've been meaning to do it. You're going to feel guilty if you don't do it. So don't put it off any longer.

Heartland Truck Driving Training Student Holli Hays
Jeff Smudde / WGLT

Women Truck Drivers Proving Their Mettle

The American Trucking Association estimates the industry is short at least 50,000 drivers nationwide . The association estimates that number could triple by 2024 as older drivers retire.

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Music Stories

Promotional poster for Kool Ray & the Polaroidz, circa 1980s
Tracy Pitts / Stormbrew Music

Members of the 1980s central Illinois band Kool Ray & the Polaroidz reunite Sunday evening at Daddios in downtown Bloomington for a musical celebration of life for the man who managed them.

Dire Wolves
Dire Wolves

Record store culture is in the blood of Jeffrey Alexander.

“I’m a complete record nerd,” said the Dire Wolves band member. “Just like everybody who plays this kind of music, I’m sure."

Way Down Wanderers, left to right, John Merikoski, Travis Kowalsky, John WIlliams, Austin Krause-Thompson, Collin Krause
Keith Cotton

Since 1992, GLT’s Acousticity has explored the world of “flexible folk,” with a distinctive mix of bluegrass, Celtic and songwriter music.

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Brianne Murphy playing Durand Jones on the turntable at Waiting Room Records
Jon Norton / WGLT

The sound of classic soul music is enjoying a renaissance. Artists including Sharon Jones & the DapKings, Leon Bridges, St. Paul & the Broken Bones, and Jill Scott have taken inspiration from late 60s and early 70s soul when writing and recording new music.

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The U.S. government has denied entry to Palestinian activist Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the BDS movement, which urges boycott, divestment and sanctions to pressure Israel on security and settlement policies in the West Bank.

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President Trump stood in front of an audience of operating engineers in Crosby, Texas, on Wednesday and promised to make it easier for them to lay pipe.

"Nobody in the world can do what you folks do," Trump said to applause from the assembled crowd. "And we're going to make it easier for you."

Cop speaks to media
Don Thompson / AP

Lawmakers are facing all sorts of thorny issues as they consider legalizing recreational marijuana. Near the top of the list: Will it lead to more impaired drivers?

Reuben Medlyne likes going to the local market in the Yaba district of Lagos, Nigeria's largest city, to shop for clothes — especially the secondhand items that are a real bargain.

But there's a risk involved.

"Whenever I visit Yaba Market, the traders start touching and harassing me immediately [after] I alight from a bus or a bike. I can't help but reply 'no touch me again,' " says Medlyne, who's a student at the University of Lagos.

Families of Parkland school shooting victims are filing at least 22 lawsuits against Broward County's school board, sheriff's office and more, alleging they failed to prevent the attack that left 17 people dead and another 17 injured.

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A military council has taken control of Sudan and arrested its longtime president, Omar al-Bashir, the country's military said Thursday. The move comes after opposition protesters recently gained new momentum in demanding al-Bashir leave office.

Sudan's defense minister, Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf, said the "regime" had been removed and its head arrested, as he announced the coup in a televised statement.

A mention of the Secret Service today might conjure up images of unsmiling men and women wearing sunglasses and dark suits, surrounding the president, perhaps discreetly touching their earpieces once in a while.

Or if you're a history buff, your thoughts might turn to 19th-century lawmen hot on the trail of counterfeiters. (Investigating financial crimes is still part of the agency's purview.)

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