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Peoria City Council Gives First Nod to 3 New Fees

Cass Herrington
Peoria Public Radio

The Peoria City Council last night gave an initial okay to three sources of income to help balance its budget for next year. 

The monthly garbage collection fee will jump three dollars to $21 next year. The fee will go up another dollar each year through 2025 when it will be $25 a month.

City Manager Patrick Urich says the increase will help pay back the general fund which covered past shortages in the garbage fund.

The laddered increases also will cover higher contract costs with P-D-C, which provides the service. 

"There’s a cost escalator in the contract that I believe is 2.75 percent, and then you also have the increased landfill costs which are growing at a rate of six percent a year," said Urich. 

The council also gave an initial approval to increasing the annual fee from 60 to 500 dollars for outlets that sell tobacco. It also will start imposing a fee on foreclosed property.

These fees will be part of an expected budget approval that council will vote on next Tuesday.

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H. Wayne Wilson covers Peoria City Hall for WCBU. He also produces documentaries and hosts a half-hour talk show on WTVP-TV.