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Full Disclosure: Godzilla vs Kong

Warner Bros. & Toho
Credit Warner Bros. & Toho

The Front Row Network battles it out over who the true king of the monsters is.

Join the Front Row Network as we give another Full Disclosure, this time on the Earth-shattering Godzilla vs Kong. Cinema’s kings of kaiju come back to the big screen five decades after their first encounter to see who the true king of the monsters is. The Full Disclosures team gives a brief historical run down of everyone’s favorite monsters, as well as our personal history with these characters. Does this movie offer a new look at two classic monsters or does it go off the rails? Can two alpha titans exist on Earth? All this and more will be answered on this episode of Full Disclosure.

Featuring: Steve Sykes, Erin McCabe, Ryan Lootens, & Jay Hoffman

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Steve Sykes
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