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Statewide: Rising demand for adult education

Enrollment fell hard at most community colleges during the pandemic. At schools like Waubonsee Community College, it’s starting to come back up. But adult education roared back — enrollment more than doubled this fall. Peter Medlin brings us that story.


* Eric Stock visits with outgoing Congressman Rodney Davis. The Taylorville Republican lost a primary challenge. We'll hear what he has to say about the direction of his party.

Amber Stoutenborough

* Nika Schoonover fills us in on a lawsuit challenging Illinois' ban on guns aboard public transportation.

* Sean Crawford speaks with historian and author Jon Musgrave about the Herrin Massacre. It happened a century ago.

* Yvonne Boose introduces us to an Aurora native sprinkling poetry throughout the U.S. and Germany.

* Jody Holtz reports on a Peoria couple transforming a bus into their dream home.