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It's the usual suspects with 'Clue on Stage' from Community Players Theatre

Clue on Stage Cast; Cast: (top) Kinsey Peotter, Thom Rakestraw, Mario Silva, (bottom) Diane Walker, Gayle Hess, Ethan Rickard
Chris Terven
The "Clue on Stage" cast: (top) Kinsey Peotter, Thom Rakestraw, Mario Silva, (bottom) Diane Walker, Gayle Hess, Ethan Rickard.

It was Professor Plum — no, it was Miss Scarlett. In the kitchen — actually in the Study, with the candlestick. Those are my final answers!

From the screen to the board game, Clue is classic, and Community Players Theatre in Bloomington is bringing the murder mystery full of the usual suspects to the stage.

This production has been years in making after being shut down due to the pandemic.

"I was excited about [the show] then because we needed a laugh. We needed to laugh at that time and I think we still do," said director Jimmy Chrismon.

The play is filled with an ensemble cast of characters we know all too well.

"That being able to see all the gags and bits that I get to play around with ... and setting up all of the jokes is very exciting," said Dakota McDaniels, who plays Wadsworth.

The Community Players Theatre production of "Clue on Stage" will begin its run on May 13-15 and its final shows on the May 20-22. The show is sponsored by Red Raccoon Games in Bloomington, which will giveaway a Clue board game during each show intermission.

For tickets and more information go to communityplayers.org.

Ariele Jones is WGLT's assistant program director and host of Morning Edition, Highway 309, and Center Stage.