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Bloomington's police chief says police and the community are one in the same

Col. Jamal Simington during a community and media meet-and-greet.
Eric Stock
Bloomington Police Chief Jamal Simington

Jamal Simington assumed the role of Bloomington Police chief in October. Since then, he's unveiled a 3-year strategic plan for the department. In it, Simington identifies four main goals: reducing crime and the fear of crime; improving quality of life in city neighborhoods; staying current in law enforcement technology; and strengthening and diversifying the department’s staff.

In this wide-ranging conversation for Sound Ideas, Simington discusses the progress his department has made in each of the four areas. He also answers questions about citizen privacy concerns, racial tension, and the case of Jelani Day.

Interview with Chief Simington - Part 1
Interview with Chief Simington - Part 2

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