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Matching Gifts

Hundreds of community-minded companies operating in the GLT listening area are happy to match their employees' or retirees' contributions to GLT. These matching corporate contributions go straight to work with your individual support: helping to pay for GLT's quality program service.

How do matching gifts work?

Once you determine your employer will match your gift to GLT,  you will need to apply for the match. Some employers provide a paper application form for you to fill out and submit to GLT along with your contribution. However, most employers have an online facility for matching gift requests. Your employer's Human Resources or Community Relations office can direct you to the correct website for your employer's matching gift process or, if required, supply a paper application form.

To ensure your gift is matched and the funds are designated to WGLT, please identify the recipient organization as Illinois State University Foundation/Friends of WGLT.

Once your online or paper application is in place and we're able to verify we've received your contribution, we will request your employer's matching gift.

Ongoing monthly contributors: We suggest you wait until the end of each calendar year to apply for your employer's matching gift. This will allow you to apply once for the total amount of your giving for that calendar year. Many sustaining contributors use their year end tax receipt from the Illinois State University Foundation as a reminder to apply for their employer's matching gift. Year end tax receipts are mailed every January.

Did you make a credit card contribution on line or over the phone?

You can still see that your generous contribution is matched. Submit your employer's online matching gift request or fill out your employer's paper matching gift form and mail to:

Friends of WGLT
8910 Illinois State University
Normal , IL 61790-8910

Don't know if your employer will match your gift?

Just email your question to GLT contributor services or call us at 309-438-3581. We will be happy find out for you. Thanks for supporting GLT!