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D. C. Remembers Peoria's Bob Michel

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Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts joined Bob Dole, James Baker, Dick Cheney, Speaker Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi and a slew of former and present Washington all-stars to pay tribute to Bob Michel at a Memorial Service on Capitol Hill.  They said he embodied the highest ideals of democracy.

Bob Michel was pictured as a down home Peorian who ironed his own shirts, whistled while he worked and set a tone that made Washington work.  Senator Dick Durbin was mentored by Michel.

"He showed us that consensus is not weakness, and principled, intelligent compromise is not capitulation. It's how a democracy works," said Durbin.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney was also among those whom Michel mentored.

"Our leader was never known to make a disagreement personal, or let opposition give way to hostility that show the signs of injured vanity. And, forget holding a grudge. Bob wouldn't know how to acquire a grudge in the first place," said Cheney.

Nancy Pelosi honored Michel for as she put it, "teaching us all about civility."

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