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Zoning Board Approves McLean County Wind Farm Permit


The Zoning Board of Appeals has given its OK to a wind farm in northeastern McLean County.

Building and Zoning Director Phil Dick said the board tried to ease neighbor fears with additional stipulations.

"It had to do with sound and receptors at local residences that were a little more stringent than what was originally proposed," said Dick.

One of the proposed turbine towers in the Gridley, Chenoa, and Lexington area was removed, Dick said, because it was too close to Henline Creek.

He said it is unclear how the additional noise regulation will affect the placement of other turbines.

"The company would have to do a new sound study to determine where they can be located or relocated," said Dick.

The full McLean County Board will likely rule on the special use permit for the $300 million project Feb. 20.

The 100 wind turbines planned by Invenergy would generate enough electricity to power 6,900 homes.

The Zoning Board will begin hearings on another wind farm proposal for northeastern McLean County next week, as well hearings for several solar panel farm applications near Downs and Arrowsmith.

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