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ISU Sorority ‘Steps Up’ To Serve Hearing-Impaired, Developing Nations

Ally Lawler
There are 129 women in Illinois State University's Delta Zeta Lambda Rho. Delta Zeta Lambda Rho was first founded at ISU on March 4, 1973. Delta Zeta has over 165 chapters.

An Illinois State University sorority says it is “stepping” up to collect shoes for people in developing nations.

Delta Zeta Lambda Rho said it is just 300 shoe pairs shy of its 1,500-pair goal. 

Ally Lawler heads philanthropy for Delta Zeta Lambda Rho. 

“It is a lot of work, but knowing that 10 people will be able to receive hearing aids because of all this hard work and that they (the 1,500 show pairs) are being donated to a country that needs them more than any of us ever will,” said Lawler.

Credit Ally Lawler
Ally Lawler said shoes donated must be wearable and pick-up is available.

Lawler said any type of shoe will do as long as they're wearable.

The sorority partners with Angel Bins to distribute the shoes. Angel Bins will contribute money back to the sorority’s national partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation, which will buy hearing aids for the poor and hearing impaired through a different foundation.

Lawler said this year the sorority is raising more money than it did pre-pandemic.

“It’s hard trying to find creative things to still bring in money because that’s honestly what we are all about,” said Lawler. “That’s why we are a part of this sorority.” 

Lawler said those who want to donate can drop shoes off outside the sorority house’s door. Lawler said she will even drive to your home and pick them up off residents’ porches if they contact the sorority through their Facebook page.

Lawler says the sorority hasn’t quite given in a way as big as this. Lawler said the most the sorority made in previous years was $600.

Lawler said the sorority really came together. 

“Being able to do something like this and bring in so much money. It's kind of indescribable,” said Lawler.

Delta Zeta Lambda Rho will continue its philanthropy April 24 as it hosts a Family Day. 

“Normally we would have a dad's day in the fall and a mom’s day in the spring, but because of COVID we weren't able to host either. So we found a COVID-friendly venue, BloNo Pizza Co., and we're kind of turning that into a philanthropy event,” said Lawler.

Fifteen percent of the proceeds from that day (from food and drinks purchased at the events) go towards the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Raffles and T-shirt sales will also be contributed to the foundation.

“We've kind of made that into a double win, where we had to get the host Family Day and then also bring in money for philanthropy,” said Lawler.