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Christopher Stoinev is an intern at WGLT. He is also a student in the Illinois State University School of Communication.

Ways to Connect

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The Fourth of July is coming up, and McLean County police departments and the coroner’s office want drivers to be safe. 

There have been five traffic crash fatalities in the last few weeks and numerous other accidents in the area, said McLean County Coroner Kathleen Yoder. By comparison, McLean County had 11 total traffic crash fatalities in 2018 and 14 total traffic crash fatalities in 2019. 

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Connect Transit has extended its suspension of fare collection until Aug. 2. The extension includes fixed-route buses and the Connect Mobility paratransit service.

Bloomington Public Library entrance
WGLT file photo / Bloomington Public Library

Bloomington Public Library’s catalog has been open to the public with curbside pickup. But starting Monday the library will open its doors, too.

Zoo entrance
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Miller Park Zoo will reopen Friday and has prepared ways to help keep visitors safe from COVID-19.

Stimulus check printout
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Immigrants who did not qualify for federal COVID-19 relief payments can now apply for direct cash assistance from the Normal-based Immigration Project.

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The American Red Cross has a new way to encourage blood donation: Anyone who donates also will be tested to see if they have developed COVID-19 antibodies.

The Red Cross on Monday began testing donors for COVID-19 antibodies in the hope that more people would offer to donate. The test has been authorized for emergency use by the FDA.

Red Cross officials say donation is especially important now that hospitals are starting to resume surgeries and other treatments that require blood.

Normal library
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UPDATED 2:45 p.m. | The Normal Public Library this week joined Bloomington’s library in restarting curbside pickup, though both remain closed to the public because of the coronavirus.

Lisa Slater / Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation

The Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation is working with local partners to collect and distribute nonmedical masks to people who need them, especially now that businesses are starting to reopen.