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Program Director

Mike has been interested in radio for about as long as he can remember. He has a resume dotted with commercial radio and TV news experience and was first on air at Kansas State University's college station, KSDB. He started at GLT in December of 1991 as News Director and was promoted to Program Director in 1996. You can hear Mike during a lot of the 30-second promotional announcements scattered throughout the various broadcast schedules and during GLT's news magazine, Sound Ideas, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 11 AM and 6 PM. He also helps direct the community sustainable transportation project founded at GLT known as Good To Go.

Mike is a gardener, camper and avid bicyclist who commutes to work nearly year round on a bike. He's proud to have not driven to work since April of 2009. He's founding president and current vice-president of the bicycle advocacy group Bike BloNo. He's also acting-chair of the Connect Transit Board of Trustees.

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Gann family
Cindy Gann / Courtesy

Tax time is here. Bloomington-Normal residents are sitting down to do their taxes or lugging their W-2s and other documents to their accountants, as the April 15 filing deadline looms.

Frozen grass blades
Alec Mills / Flickr/Creative Commons

This winter has been a tough one with some record cold temperatures. But there may be a benefit to gardeners. The cold might kill off some invasive insects and plants.

There all kinds of ways a gardener could get hurt, from sprains and strains to even more serious injuries.

Initials carved into a tree
Ryan Denham / WGLT

We’ve all seen initials, maybe surrounded by a heart, carved into a tree. The tree survives, but we also all know carving your initials into a tree is wrong.

Hear what directions landscaping and gardening might take in 2019.

In this episode of our gardening podcast Grow, GLT's Mike McCurdy talks with Illinois State University's Patrick Murphy about new trends.

GLT's Grow is your source for gardening advice and down-to-earth tips. Murph and Mike are ready to take on all your gardening questions, so submit yours today.

Frozen grass
Marco Verch / Flickr/Creative Commons

The first day of winter is here. It's the solstice. That means there are still weeks ahead of below-freezing temperatures and frozen earth.

Marco Verch / Flickr/Creative Commons

Giving a houseplant as a gift raises a number of questions, such as what kind of plant to give? Is the person receiving it even capable of caring for it?

Wildfire in California
Noah Berger / AP

It will take years for California to recover from this season's wildfires. In this edition of the GLT gardening podcast Grow, Mike McCurdy and Illinois State University Patrick Murphy talk about what role forest management may have played in stoking the flames.

GLT's Grow is your source for gardening advice and down-to-earth tips. Murph and Mike are ready to take on all your gardening questions, so submit yours today.

Hand feeds squirrel
Schalk van Zuydam / AP

You can lend a helping hand to neighborhood wildlife with some extra food and water this winter—and in return enjoy the variety of feathered and furry friends that come for a visit.

Mark Humphrey / AP

If you go for real over fake, this edition of GLT's gardening podcast on Christmas trees is for you.

Dan Goodman / AP

At the top of kids list this Halloween, or the parents who raid the candy haul, is chocolate.

Tea leaves
Ashwin Kamath / Flickr/Creative Commons

Coffee may jump to mind when thinking about drinks we consume originating from plants. But tea is more widely consumed.

Coffee beans in a hand
Rick Bowmer / AP

That morning cup of coffee has a backstory.

In this edition of GLT's gardening podcast Grow, GLT's Mike McCurdy and Illinois State University’s Patrick Murphy talk about domestically produced beans and some of the trouble coffee growers are facing due to climate change.

Rex Parker

The letters in words you're reading right now were designed by someone, maybe a team of someones. In the digital age, designing fonts and typefaces has never been easier. Simply choosing a font for your document is as easy as clicking on a pull down menu, and among the choices will be typefaces designed by a Bloomington native.

Fall leaves on ground
Vladimer Shioshvili / Flickr/Creative Commons

The season is changing, and that means there's a new seasonal to-do list for anyone with a green thumb.

ground squirrel
Cliff / Flickr/Creative Commons

There's not a lot of in between on squirrels. People either think they’re annoying rodents or think they're cute critters and like to have them around.

Meghna and David
Liz Linder / WBUR

The feedback for 1A (which replaced On Point weekdays from 9-11 a.m.) has been great. Thank you to the listeners who got in contact to let us know what they thought of the change. We hope we'll also hear postive things about the changes that will now bring back On Point back to the GLT schedule weekday evenings.

Tree weeping sap
Grant Rucker

How to save a tree and choosing a replacement tree are the two listener questions Illinois State University’s Patrick Murphy and GLT's Mike McCurdy try to answer in this edition of our gardening show Grow.

Aerial view of ISU quad
Illinois State University

In some settings, trees are ubiquitous. In fact, it's hard to see the trees for the forest. But some trees earn more respect than others.

Potatoes in a bowl
Food Group / Flickr/Creative Commons

There are a lot of reasons for wasted food, the least of which is children pushing away before forking some broccoli.

Tree with oak wilt at ISU
Patrick Murphy / WGLT

If you see a tree with yellowing leaves and it’s missing branches in the center, it could be an oak in trouble.

Dogwood tree
Falon Yates / Creative Commons/Flickr

It’s not unusual for gardeners to move or transplant a shrub, tree, or plant from one location to another. But seeing that plant thrive after it’s moved is another matter.

Tree stump
Tree Stump Baumstrunk / Flickr/Creative Commons

The word “homemade” usually denotes wholesome or delicious, like homemade pie. But when it comes to homemade herbicide, pesticides, or other remedies, just as much caution is needed as with the commercially produced chemicals.

Staff / WGLT

A great-looking lawn is nice to have. But it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to maintain.

Tim Roske / AP

There are myriad pests ready to attack your vegetable garden and landscaping. And some attack in a group.

Kaarina Dillabough/Via Flickr Creative Commons

How does your garden grow? Thanks to technology you can keep tabs on your yard day and night—from anywhere in the world—on your phone.

On this week’s GLT’s Grow, Mike McCurdy talks to Patrick Murphy about outdoor weather stations and garden cameras.


Outdoor furniture isn’t what it used to be. The trend is no longer towards an outdoor dinette set but more of a living room type of space, and it can get elaborate.


All great looking landscaping has one thing in common: accurate and adequate water. During this edition of GLT's gardening program Grow, Mike McCurdy talks with ISU's Patrick Murphy about how to automate watering.


Almost any gasoline tool can be replaced by a more environmental friendly battery-powered tool. What are you waiting for? 

Staff / WGLT

Normal's former city manager has retired, but he's still speaking out. And he has a warning.