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Vince Maltese is an Illinois State University student and audio production intern at GLT.

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Governor JB Pritzker and Senate Minority Leader Bill Brady are both talking about bipartisan cooperation, but they have fundamental disagreements about taxation. Eric Stock reports central Illinois lawmaker reaction to the state budget message. Plus, Ryan Denham talks with Briahna Joy Gray, senior politics editor at Intercept about identity politics during her visit to ISU. JH Hearts MM. No, don't carve those initials in the trees. It's GLT's Grow. And what's an Oscar broadcast without a little drama. Laura Kennedy and GLT's Culture Maven dish.

Governor JB Pritzker gives his first State of the State and Budget Message to the General Assembly. The rough budget outline that included $800 million in deferred pension payments, estimated revenue from legalized marijuana and sports betting, a 5% increase in allocations for education, and a request that the General Assembly approve a statewide referendum on a graduated income tax.

(1:25) Hannah Van Der Karr grew up in Dwight and is trying to mobilize opposition to an immigration detention center under consideration for the Livingston County village. Eric Stock reports on the proposal that could also bring much needed jobs to Dwight. (9:13) Plus, Mary Cullen talks with Illinois Wesleyan University economist Michael Seeborg about the impact of the minimum wage hike. (28:44) An ISU Ethnomusicologist shares her trip to Ghana and slave dungeons underneath a church there.

(1:25) Project Oz client Tre Whitelow says it's not easy to find a living wage job in Bloomington Normal. Ryan Denham reports on a Project Oz program partnering with area employers to train people for jobs. (15:25) Plus there is a far lower share of Republican women in Congress than women in Congress. McLean County GOP women talk about the future of the party. (40:47) Laura Kennedy reports on a new exhibit by multi media artist Tom Rice who explores the impact of humans on the environment.

(9:45) Karen Irvin of Mom's Demand Action on Gun Sense says their group formed in Bloomington a year ago is stronger than ever, and sadly so. Ryan Denham reports on Bloomington Normal gun activists a year after the Parkland Florida school shooting. (1:26) Plus, there's a potential billion dollar investment in Rivian Automotive by Amazon and GM. We'll have analyst reactions. (42:11) Laura Kennedy gives us a hint of what the philosophical play ...Marjorie Prime is all about. (26:50) And Jon Norton talks with New Yorker Magazine Music Critic Alex Ross about music in the 21st century.

A community conversation about youth mental health. A panel of stakeholders talks about doctor shortages, suicide prevention, and the crucial role schools play in coordinating mental health service to the young. This is made possible with the help of the Alice and Fannie Fell Trust at ISU.

(1:26) ISU Nursing Professor Cindy Kerber says the public seems to be adopting videoscreen medical consulting just fine. GLT's Mary Cullen has more on mental health help via the small screen. (28:43) Plus, the Me Too Era is having one adverse effect. It's chilling the climate for men mentoring women in the workplace. (41:59) Jon Norton has a quick tutorial on the music of Masaki Batoh during 'What's On Your Turntable.' (9:15) And Mayor Tari Renner of Bloomington drops by.

(1:25) ISU Student leader Angel Zamudio [ANGEL (like from heaven) Zi-MOOD-ee-oh] says apartment owners have an unflattering image of students, as piggy banks.With a new university housing complex coming, Ryan Denham reports there might be disruption to the image and to the apartment marketplace. (40:51) Plus, there's a shortage of referees for youth games across Illinois. Eric Stock reports on the trend. (13:34) And Billy Tyus the new Deputy City Manager for Bloomington introduces himself. 

(1:26) It's part three of the GLT Series on Child Care. In the search for ways to make child care easier for Illinois families, there's new energy behind the push for paid family leave. Melissa Joseph from 'Women Employed' tells GLT's Ryan Denham about what paid family leave could mean for working women and men in Illinois.  (10:33) Plus, a central Illinois woman talks about being sexually assaulted and choosing not to report in her new book, Nine Word Rethink To Get On With Life.

(1:23) Looking for gaps in the local child care network in Part 2 of GLT's special series. (10:40) Mary Cullen talks to an advocate for a higher minimum wage about why the benefits outweigh the costs. (19:47) Ryan Denham talks to local school leaders and teachers about the upsides (and downsides) of Digital Learning Days when winter weather strikes.

(1:24) GLT's Ryan Denham begins a three-part series about child care issues in central Illinois, focusing on cost. (13:23) Mary Cullen talks to the McLean County Chamber of Commerce about how a minimum wage increase would impact local businesses. (24:32) And Eric Stock talks to the top Athletics official at Illinois State University about their facility needs, including an indoor practice facility.

(23:51) It's winter meeting time for agriculture groups and Illinois Farm Bureau Issue Management Director Adam Nielsen says there are just a few issues of concern coming up, trade, trade, and trade. (1:28) Plus, Mayor Chris Koos of Normal visits to talk about the U.S. Conference of Mayors and issues that are important to communities across the country. 

An encore presentation of three interviews about race, class, and segregation, and how those issues play out in Bloomington-Normal. (1:30) Hear from two reporters for Governing magazine who investigated racial and economic segregation in downstate Illinois. (34:46) Jon Norton talks to an Illinois Wesleyan professor about her new book on colorblind racism. (20:46) And GLT correspondent Colleen Reynolds talks to those on the front lines about poverty trends in McLean County.

(1:22) ISU professor Julie Webber talks about her new book about the state of political comedy. (17:09) Another Redbird Scholar, Catherine O'Reilly, tells GLT's Eric Stock about an international study on climate change which shows lake ice is disappearing across the Northern hemisphere. (29:07) Laura Kennedy talks with artist Tyler Lotz about his new exhibition of sculptures. (39:17) And Jon Norton hears from Chicago-area keyboard player Neal Francis ahead of his Friday night shot at Jazz UpFront.

(42:02) Baby Fold Vice President Aimee Beam says the new tax law has changed charitable giving, but not necessarily cut it. Eric Stock reports on charity fears that the increase in the standard deduction created by the new tax law would sap philanthropy. (6:54) Plus the GLT Newsroom tells you about the cold weather heading our way and how the community is getting ready for it. (22:47) And Governing Magazine has put out an investigative series on segregation in central Illinois communities including Bloomington Normal, Springfield, and Peoria.

(1:25) Midwest Renewable Energy Association training coordinator Julie Brazeau, says solar installation jobs are a big job opportunity. Ryan Denham reports on training programs that are helping to get the central Illinois workforce ready for a big increase in solar energy projects. (10:52) Plus, Eric Stock takes the temperature of race relations in America in an interview with Michael Eric Dyson the Martin Luther King Cultural Dinner speaker at ISU this year. (20:37) And the ACLU reacts to Bloomington Police policy in interactions with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

(1:25 ) Bloomington Police Chief Clay Wheeler says the policy on contacting immigration authorities is much like the one in the town of Normal. Wheeler talks with Eric Stock months after a welcoming city ordinance failed at the City Council level. (32:03) Plus, Illinois Symphony Orchestra Music Director Ken Lam talks about the cold nights and warm music of Scandinavia, previewing a concert of the music of Grieg, Nielsen, and Sibelius. (44:14) And GLT Arts Correspondent Laura Kennedy has a trivia conversation, not a trivial one, with the Friends of the Arts. 

(1:23) GLT's Jon Norton talks to an Illinois Wesleyan University professor and author who says fighting against racism requires more than simply ignoring race. (17:42) Mary Cullen talks toxic masculinity (and that now-infamous Gillette ad) with an Illinois State University scholar. (42:20) And hear about local musicians Stone & Snow and their big trip to LA.

(26:41) Normal Police Detective Nicole Bruno says consent education should focus on what sexual assault is rather than what it is not. Mary Cullen reports it's often difficult to change minds on the definition of consent. (40:45) Plus, GLT's Eric Stock takes you inside the tired life of a snow plough driver. (17:57) Connect transit considers a fare increase.  (1:25) And Normal Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Fritzen drops by to talk about community pushback to a new fire station proposed at Shepard and Hershey Roads.

(23:23) Perry Cline never thought he’d go to college. He spent years in and out of prisons. But he graduated in December and says finally getting an education made all the difference. The importance of education for inmates and former prisoners and how far higher education has yet to go. (1:26) Plus Ryan Denham reports on the workers at the Rivian Auto plant. It might be electric. It might be high tech. It's still manufacturing. (7:16) And Colleen Reynolds reports on Habitat Heroes.

(1:27) The defense attorney for the lead Coliseum defendant breaks his silence after a transcript of the grand jury proceedings becomes public. Steve Beckett talks to GLT's Ryan Denham about why he thinks the Coliseum fraud case is a business dispute, not a criminal matter. (25:35) Plus, Bloomington Council candidate Chip Frank lays out his priorities as GLT continues its series of candidate interviews. (41:29) And Jon Norton brings you the band Sunday Afternoon.

(1:23) GLT's Eric Stock talks to a National Weather Service meteorologist who's still keeping central Illinois safe, despite not being paid because of the partial government shutdown. (27:16) You'll hear from McLean County Board chairman John McIntyre about why he thinks a new blue-ribbon panel will help find the right county administrator. (39:46) And Jon Norton previews a new album from Hoosier Daddy.

lllinois State University Police Chief Aaron Woodruff says Governor JB Pritzker's goal of legalizing recreational marijuana use won't help college and university leaders do their jobs.  Mary Cullen also reports on other college complications from legalized pot including federal funding risks. Plus, it might be snowy out, but Mike McCurdy and Patrick Murphy tell you how green it will get during GLT’s Grow. And GLT talks with a State Farm representative about the big changes of the year past and how 2019 will go.

Brandt Industries McLean County Plant Manager Hans Rasmussen says it's not your typical dirty manufacturing facility. GLT's Eric Stock takes a tour of the Brandt shop with Hans Rasmussen. Plus Jon Norton brings you the music of C.J. Chenier. Ryan Denham reports on the insurance industry labor shortage. And Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner stops by.