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Governor Says Mayor To Blame For Chicago School Problems

Brian Mackey

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is continuing to poke Mayor Rahm Emanuel over the finances at Chicago Public Schools. Chicago Public Schools has threatened to lay off teachers as soon as next month if it doesn’t receive some cash from Springfield. Rauner has refused to budge. In an interview Tuesday with WBEZ at the governor’s mansion in Springfield - I asked Rauner three times if he thinks that threat of layoffs is a bluff. Rauner wouldn’t answer directly. Instead - he repeated his criticisms of Mayor Emanuel for not pushing Rauner’s anti-union measures. RAUNER: So far, the mayor has refused the help. He’s refused the reforms. He just says, ‘Send cash. No reforms.’ Emanuel has criticized Rauner - saying the governor is using Chicago’s students as pawns in political games.

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