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Daiber Brings Gubernatorial Campaign To McLean County

Mike Miletich

One of the many Democratic candidates for governor says he is the only person that can win over Bruce Rauner.

Bob Daiber is the Madison County Regional Superintendent of Schools. During a stop in Bloomington Wednesday night, Daiber said he wants to improve many areas the current administration has failed at. 

Diaber said he wants to protect prevailing wage for workers throughout the state.

"I feel so strongly about teachers and other public sector employees as well, that they have all the fair working rights to be able to collect a bargain and file grievances, and maintain their benefits that they've worked for," said Daiber.

Daiber said he will also fight for public education and create opportunities within a 21st century workforce. He said something needs to change in order to attract businesses to the state. 

The Democrat also said he could fix Illinois' debt crisis within his first 30 days if he wins the office. Daiber said he would pay down the over ten million dollars in debt by bonding it out.

"We have to liquidate this debt because it's costing every taxpayer in this state ten million dollars per day. Ten million dollars per day over a whole year, we're talking over three-and-a-half billion dollars that we're just wasting on interests," said Daiber.  

Diaber said he would be sure to pay off the interest and principle with the state's current revenues.

Diaber also said he expects a severe tax increase on the middle class if Bruce Rauner stays in office.

Other Democratic contenders include Chicago businessmen Chris Kennedy and JB Pritzker, Chicago Alderman Ameya Pawar and State Senator Daniel Biss. 

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