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$5 Million In Cocaine Seized In McLean County

Feb 22, 2019

State Police have made what is considered the third largest cocaine bust in McLean County history. Assistant State's Attorney Jeff Horve said troopers pulled over a semi on I-55 Thursday north of Bloomington Normal for inspection.


The truck manifest indicated it was off route for a destination of Wisconsin and a canine search turned up 110 pounds of cocaine packed in vacuum sealed bricks, said Horve.


Brandon Weise and Miguel Martinez have been charged with controlled substance trafficking and other drug counts. A guilty verdict on the trafficking charge could lead to a sentence of 30-120 years, said Horve.


Horve said both waived their Miranda rights and indicated they were delivering the drugs to Chicago from a starting point in California.


Horve said the only two larger drug seizures happened in 2006 and another in 2009 with 238 pounds of cocaine seized in the latter case.

 The street value of the drugs seized this week, Horve said, is estimated at $5 million.  

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