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Advocate BroMenn Wellness Facility Set To Open

Aug 10, 2016

Workers are feverishly putting the final touches on the thirty five million dollar Center for Integrated Wellness just north of the airport in Bloomington.

The Center combines several services and business entities in one place, a fitness center managed by Advocate BroMenn, METHOD Sports Performance, and McLean County Orthopedics. Such facilities are becoming a trend across the U.S. 

Executive Director Catherine Porter said the three aspects of health working together fit goals of the Affordable Care Act.

"To engage with people on a preventative basis and to provide a product that allows people to have accountability and to work towards true health and to stay healthy if they are," said Porter.

Porter said it may seem the opposite of what health organizations do in treating the sick, but the growing trend in healthcare is toward wellness which will prevent higher treatment costs later.

Porter said every member gets an exercise prescription accompanied with a high tech fitness key.

"On any cardio piece or any strength piece, they can plug it in, see their exercise prescription, so they no longer have to remember settings or weights or reps. It's all tailored to them. And it helps to capture all that data too," said Porter.

The center has a soft open with reduced hours on Monday and will be fully open the day after Labor Day. Staff will show off the center to the community in a celebration Saturday morning August 27th.

In advance of the opening Monday, GLT's Charlie Schlenker took a walking tour of the new 106,000 square foot facility on Trinity lane off Route Nine east with Director Catherine Porter.