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Alderman Hauman Favors Delay On Metro Zone Dissolution

Feb 23, 2017

Diana Hauman at a Bloomington Council meeting (file photo).
Credit Michael Hill / WGLT

Bloomington Alderman Diana Hauman is breaking with Mayor Tari Renner over the Metro Zone agreement.

Renner supports dissolving the partnership with Normal covering taxes, services, and infrastructure on the west side of town.

Hauman said it's not a good idea to do that unilaterally.

"If we don't work with the town of Normal we're not going to be as successful as a city and vice versa. Whatever benefits Bloomington should benefit Normal and whatever benefits Normal should benefit Bloomington, long term," said Hauman.

"I would like us all to sit down and say ok if we're not going to have the Metro Zone agreement, how iwll we work together? That's a large group discussion. That's not a discussion for the Mayors or the City Managers to have. That's a large group discussion," said Hauman.

Renner has also proposed a joint Town Council and City Council meeting to talk about regional economic development, but only after dissolving the Metro Zone.

Hauman said the zone agreement does not need to be permanent, but should be cancelled with the permission of both parties. That's the Town of Normal's position as well.
Mayor Renner has said the agreement has not benefited Bloomington for years and that the imbalance in benefits has amounted to $7 million over the life of the district. Renner has said both municipalities have received their money's worth over time in the joint infrastructure investment.

Hauman said she would like to hold the Metro Zone agreement open till the end of the year, perhaps with no financial obligations on either side to allow time to develop

Hauman is one of five candidates running for Mayor of Bloomington in a primary election Tuesday. Mayor Renner is another. Hauman said on this issue she is speaking not as a candidate, but as an Alderman.

The Bloomington Council meets Monday to consider breaking off that 30 year relationship.