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Animal House: Multiple Pets Add Up To A Lot

Jun 21, 2016

A multi pet household can be a joy...and a handful.
Credit Jeffery W / Flickr via Creative Commons

Pets can be like M&M's.  It's hard to have just one. 

  •  Nearly half of all dog owners have a cat and nearly half of all cat owners have a dog.  And many pet owners don't stop there, adding fish, birds, snakes and more to their home menagerie.  
  • Having a multi-pet household requires careful forethought and management, said trainer Bob Ryder from Pawsitive Transformations. You've got to have plenty of time to give the animal what it needs to be happy.  Add more animals and that's more time for each animal relationship.
  • Financially, having multiple pets can add up fast, so bear that in mind before you adopt.
  • Ryder advised that you acquire your pet gradually.  Establish the relationship with your sole pet first before any other pet arrives.
  • Be ready to isolate new pets as you add them so the first pet can gradually adjust to the animal's presence.  Always stay close at hand when you introduce your new companions to each other.
  •  Some pets just won't ever get along, like birds and cats.  Bear that in mind and keep them apart.  
  • Multi pet households can pet a joy.  Watching animals form a bond is a real treat for caregivers.
    Hermoine is the Animal House Pet of the Week. She's available from Wish Bone Canine Rescue in Bloomington. Awww! Look at those eyes! How can you resist her?
    Credit Wish Bone Canine Rescue