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Animal House: The Six Ways You're Killing Your Pet

Jun 7, 2016

Obesity is one of the top health problems in pets today, leading to much discomfort and an early death.
Credit Chika Watanabe / Flickr via Creative Commons

We love our pets.  But we don't always do what's right for them.  In fact, sometimes what we do can lead to disastrous results.  There's six very common health mistakes we make with our pets, said veterinarian Matt Fraker from the Prairie Oak Veterinary Center.

  1. Obesity is an all-too-common and potentially deadly issue.  Sure, when your animal gives you that simpering look, begging for a bite -- or more-- from your cheeseburger, it can be hard to resist.  But resist you must to avoid health issues like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease and much more.
  2. Dental care is not just  cosmetic.  Regular dental checkups can keep plaque at bay and hold off oral bacteria from getting into the vascular system.
  3. Skipping your pet's heartworm medication puts your little friends at risk for nasty parasites.
  4. On the other hand, blithely giving your pet people medication is a prescription for disaster.  If you suspect your pet is ill, go to the vet, don't try to treat your pet at home with aspirin or acetaminophen. 
  5. Spaying  your pet will not only help keep your critter healthy by cutting the chances of breast cancer, but you'll also cut down on the pet over-population problem.
  6. Second-hand smoke: bad for people, bad for pets.  And don't think switching to electronic cigarettes is the answer.  Dogs can be intrigued by the devices and attempt to ingest them.