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Barickman: Rauner Bailout Attempt Tried To Cheat Voters

Dec 14, 2018

State Sen. Jason Barickman said Friday that Bruce Rauner never fully grasped the job and responsibility of governor.

The Bloomington Republican was responding to news that Rauner tried to find someone to take his place as a candidate for governor during the middle of the campaign.

Barickman said the report just makes you scratch your head and shake it negatively.

"First of all, it's not the way the process works. Incumbent governors don't get to select their replacement," said Barickman. 

Rauner reportedly asked four different people to take the job of running for governor as late as August.

"It's disingenuous at best. Most importantly it cheats Republican voters from their opportunity to have a say in this. And that's their voice that gets shut out," said Barickman.

Barickman said this shows Rauner's failure to understand the political and legislative processes.

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