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Beaman To Ask State Supreme Court For Review Again

Aug 7, 2017

There is one more stop in Alan Beaman's long running attempt to sue police in Normal.
Credit Staff / WGLT

Attorneys for Alan Beaman say they will ask the Illinois Supreme Court to review an appeals court ruling exonerating former Town of Normal police officers who Beaman accused of conspiring to wrongfully and maliciously prosecute him.

Beaman spent his youth in prison after being convicted for the murder of ISU student Jennifer Lockmiller. The Supreme Court overturned that conviction, and Beaman has since received a formal pardon and a certificate of innocence from the state.

The appeals court ruled Friday there was no sign that officers Tim Freesmeyer, Dave Warner and Frank Zayas pressured or influenced then-Assistant State's Attorney Jim Souk or then-State's Attorney Charles Reynard's decision to prosecute Beaman for the Lockmiller murder.

That upholds a circuit court summary judgment against Beaman's attempt to sue the police and the Town of Normal.

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