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Bicyclists Can Call AAA Too

May 3, 2017

Illinois Bicyclists whose wheels are on the fritz won't have to beg a friend for a ride any more, if they have Triple A
Credit Simon Law / Flickr

Triple A has found an appropriate way to celebrate National Bicycle Safety Month.

Roadside assistance is now available in Illinois for members who are bike riders.

Spokeswoman Beth Mosher said Triple-A began offering bicycle service in several other states first, and the most common calls are for flat tires and chains that have fallen off.

"While we do try to get our members who are traveling by auto on the go by providing gas or change their tire or that type of thing, unfortunately many of our technicians are not quite at the bicycle technician level yet. We're going to get them home or to the closest bicycle shop," said Mosher.

Mosher said there is a caveat, accessibility.

"A lot of bike riders are out on bike trails and our vehicles cannot off road onto a bike trail or go into a forest preserve. We do ask that folks be on a regular road where we can get to them," said Mosher.

Depending on your Triple-A membership, classic, plus, or premier, you and your bike can be driven up to 5, 100, or 200 miles.