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Bill Would Require Net Neutrality Disclosure In Illinois

Apr 9, 2018

Illinois is joining several states scrambling to keep net neutrality protections before the federal repeal date in two weeks. Some Illinois legislators say they still have time to act with a plan before that deadline.

The Illinois proposal is scheduled for a hearing later this week. It would ask Internet service providers who contract with the state to disclose if they don’t plan to follow net neutrality rules. States are not allowed to regulate the Internet, but they are allowed to set rules for anyone who does business within.

State Rep. Ann Williams, a Chicago Democrat, said even though time is short, Illinois will follow the lead of at least a dozen states who have drafted their own proposals.

“This is not a small issue. This is not an issue that’s going to go away. We are committed to doing whatever we can to get it across the finish line," Williams said. 

Just last month, Illinois’ attorney general joined several colleagues across the country in a lawsuit against the FCC which voted to repeal net neutrality. Without it, Internet service providers can slow down traffic or block websites.

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