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Bloomington Adopt-A-Family Program Short On Donors

Nov 30, 2018

A Bloomington social service agency has seen a sharp increase in families needing their help this holiday season.

Children’s Home & Aid is hosting its annual Adopt-A-Family program where donors adopt a family by providing basic supplies for families in need during the holidays.

Development associate Laura Cordero said meeting demand has proven to be a challenge this year as the agency is serving 13 percent more people this year while donations are trending the opposite direction.

“Our donor base doesn’t seem to be as high as it has in the past,” Cordero said. “I’m kind of struggling at this point to get donors to take some families.”

Cordero said Adopt-a-Family also accepts cash donations to volunteers can shop for things like sweatshirts, jeans, and pajamas.

Cordero said if donations don't pick up, gifts will be distributed on a smaller scale.

“I have some things here that are already donated, some clothing items and toys and things like that,” Cordero said. “It’s not that any of our families would go without completely but they probably wouldn’t get the amount of things they actually need.”

Cordero said donors are given a list of needs for the family they adopt. She adds the cost ranges between $600 and $2,000 per family.

Volunteers will be wrapping gifts through Dec. 19.

Anyone wishes to make a contribution or volunteer is asked to contact Cordero at (309) 386-9656 or

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