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Bloomington Could Move Some Offices To McLean County Building

Aug 20, 2019

McLean County government is in the early stages of talks to move more Bloomington city offices into the county government complex.

County Administrator Camille Rodriguez said at Tuesday's meeting it's important to let board members know about the talks and the objectives.
"Mostly administrative, mostly with the goal also of making the customer service portion of government, city and county, more accessible to the public," said Rodriguez.
County Board Chair John McIntyre said for instance it would help the public to have the Bloomington Election Commission offices move from the fourth to the first floor. City Parks and Recreation also has space in the county building.
That vacancy and another empty office suite on the fourth floor could be used for city administrators. Rodriguez said she personally would find something like that to be a help.
"It benefits me to be an easier access to (Bloomington City Manager Tim) Gleason, if he is in this building. We collaborate and talk and we would not have to walk down the street. We could walk down the hall. I think that's fantastic," said Rodriguez.
Rodriguez cautioned the two governmental bodies are some time away from solidifying any potential proposal.
Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner has been open about dissatisfaction with the current aging city hall. Renner has referred to the existing city hall as from the era of "Mad Men," and said it does not present the city in the best light to prospective new businesses.

The county's Public Building Commission owns the government complex. Both the county and the city already lease space and pay the commission via lease, according to McIntyre. He said that arrangement would be likely to continue.

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