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Bloomington Council Approves Lake Bloomington Water Project

Sep 29, 2015

Bloomington City Hall
Credit Nora Dukowitz / City of Bloomington

The Bloomington City Council approved $130,000 to improve part of the northern shore of Lake Bloomington. The area, also known as North Park, has erosion that can affect water quality and capacity for the city. Water Director Bob Yehl says the department wants to use money wisely when it comes to preventing erosion.

YEHL: There are some areas that are heavily wooded and we can't get to easily. Those are more costly, we'll have to figure out different solutions and different funding sources for those. So, although we are concetrating on the more heavily erodable shorelines, we're going to hit the easier ones, the most cost-effective ones, first.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is providing a grant of 20,000 dollars for the project, which will also create a fish habitat. It is slated to be finished within a month.