Bloomington Council To Consider Liquor, Gaming Fee Increases | WGLT

Bloomington Council To Consider Liquor, Gaming Fee Increases

Apr 25, 2016

Credit Paul Sableman / Creative Commons

Bloomington could begin bringing in more money for alcohol regulation and late night downtown policing as well as police and fire department pensions.

To fund regulation and policing, the city council will consider raising liquor license fees tonight for the first time since 1982, with the increase spread out over three years. By 2019, the highest fees will go up by $940. Along with other fee increases, the city could see a total increase of over $180 thousand in revenue when compared with 2016 projections.

Bloomington Aldermen will consider adding a $500 gaming license fee. The charge would be for each gaming machine a business operates within the city. If approved, the fees would take effect beginning January 2017. City staff estimates that over $126 thousand per year in new revenue would be brought in, which will help fund pensions for police officers and fire fighters.

Council members will also review a proposal from Metronet of Evansville, Ind. to offer fiber optic internet in Bloomington. And they’ll hear Connect Transit’s proposed route changes in the Twin Cities, but they won’t be asked to approve the proposal.