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Bloomington Crime Down In 2016

Feb 23, 2017

Police headquarters at 305 S East St., Bloomington
Credit Cristian Jaramillo / WGLT

Armed robberies and shootings were up in Bloomington last year, but most major crime categories were down.

Police Chief Brendan Heffner said that's according to the annual crime report.

"I would say I am pleased. Am I satisfied? No. We are always looking for ways to keep that going and we are not naive in thinking that can't change at times too. But it just goes to show our efforts both in enforcement and to engage the community, we've been successful," said Heffner.

Burglaries, residential burglaries, and car thefts were all flat to falling.

Overall crime fell last year in Bloomington by 5% according to the part one uniform crime report codes.
Heffner said the increases in gun violence and robberies have identified causes in certain areas of the city.

Preliminary annual crime statistics indicate Bloomington compares well with other central Illinois metro areas.
Credit Bloomington Police Department

"We still have some of the hybrid gang members out here. A lot of the armed robberies are unfortunately just people out walking. We are still trying to work at those. Those can spike or go down like anything else. But, it's unfortunate," said Heffner.

According to the report, the increase in use of handguns by young men is statewide. Of 39 shootings in Bloomington last year, nine people were shot. The report indicated two repeat juvenile gun offenders were charged as adults to help slow the trend.

DUI arrests increased. Heffner said some high producing officers in that category changed shifts, but others stepped up and made more arrests.

Heffner will brief the city council Monday on the crime statistics.